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Established in the year 2010, is an online and local solution to buying and selling textbooks in Canada. We provide each customer with a unique opportunity to turn their unwanted textbooks into profit. Our business model focuses on delivering excellent customer service via chat, email, and over the phone. We are committed to offering the best prices on the market based on continued research of competitor pricing, making us the best textbook buyback website in Canada. Our goal is to become the one-stop online bookstore for buying and selling textbooks. To get started, click “Sell” to receive an instant quote for each textbook and ship it for free. We have the fastest turnaround in the industry. We make it our priority to pay you by check, PayPal or Email transfer within 1 business day of receiving shipment. Don’t forget to read our comprehensive FAQ section to get answers regarding shipping, payment, the accepted conditions, and much more.

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    ISBN: 9781926648705

    We pay: $35.14 CAD

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    ISBN: 9781259030536

    We pay: $34.24 CAD

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    ISBN: 9780133552683

    We pay: $31.00 CAD

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    ISBN: 9781119048534

    We pay: $22.89 CAD

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    ISBN: 9780133575231

    We pay: $21.72 CAD

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    ISBN: 9781455745487

    We pay: $27.85 CAD

Quick FAQs

  1. What is an ISBN number?

    An ISBN is an International Standard Book Number which always consists of 13 digits. Most ISBN numbers are located at the bottom right of the textbook back cover or inside the first few pages.

  2. What kind of textbooks do you purchase?

    We buy new and used textbooks from your high school, college and university years. We don’t buy magazines.

  3. How does shipping work? Is it actually free?

    Yes! We offer free shipping on all our textbook buyback orders. A shipping label will be sent to your email upon receiving a quote.

  4. What method of payment do you offer?

    We offer three payment methods: 1. Check 2. PayPal 3. Email Transfer

  5. How long does the entire payment take?

    It usually takes about 3-7 business days for us to receive shipment and deliver payment.