University Got You Down? Plan a "Me Day”
Author: Kailey Guillemin
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You may have only just begun university and think the stress isn’t that bad. Just wait until midterms and then finals roll around. The pressure will eventually creep up on you, no matter how well you’ve planned everything out. University tests you in so many ways beyond academically. As a new adult, it’s up to you to determine how you will handle these stressors.

One way is by throwing yourself a “me day” now and then. It’s essential to have those moments when you pamper yourself and relax. Why? Because if you do not take control of the stress of life, soon the stress will control you. When that happens, that is when health problems, physically and mentally, come into play.

Do yourself a favour now and start planning your “me day.”

Start By Scheduling It

Scheduling in a time dedicated to you will help keep you committed to it. It’s so easy to brush off some time to relax when life gets hectic. The thing is, though, there will always be an assignment, test, friend, job, or anything else that will pop up. Plan ahead and have a day in your schedule dedicated just for you.

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Don’t Feel Guilty

If you have any guilt about relaxing for a day and ignoring the outside world, don’t. It is perfectly fine, and an excellent idea, to have those moments to yourself. Think of all the benefits form unwinding and calming down. You’ll be able to think more clearly, stay focused, and be more patient than you would be if you were stressed.

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Spend the Day Outside

If you find you’re stressed and anxious, spend some time outside. Taking a deep breath of fresh air can help calm your body. The idea is that the fresh oxygen affects the serotonin levels in the body, which leads to a happier and more relaxed feeling.

You’ll also find you get a boost of energy from being outside as well. Spending most of your time indoors can bring your mood down and make you feel tired. So, instead of thinking you need more coffee, maybe try spending the afternoon outside.

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Book a Spa Day

Go full out and pamper yourself at the spa. Enjoy the relaxing atmosphere, along with rejuvenating treatments. Get that message you’ve been thinking about to ease away the tension. Relax by the pool or in the hot tub. Just being at a spa can be relaxing enough sometimes.

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To have a fulfilling “me day,” you should disconnect from the world – technology included. The world will continue if you turn your electronics off for the afternoon. When you spend hours on the internet and browsing social media, how do you feel after?

Powering down and disconnecting now and then can help you in so many ways. For starters, it removes the temptation of comparing to everyone else, and the feelings of jealousy and envy that can come from being online (even if you don’t notice them). Instead, enjoy what’s around you, read a book, or try meditating to help you really relax.

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There are tons of things you can do for your “me day.” Plan something that makes you happy, and that will help you relax. Don’t be afraid to incorporate these days in small amounts more frequently. You may see yourself overall self feeling much better.

What is the perfect “me day” for you?

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