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Welcome playlist main image 2
Sep 16 2018
Welcome Week – the time to meet new people, explore your university, adjust to the new rhythm, and hit up all the awesome parties. This calls for an epic Spotify playlist to help you through the first week of university.
Star wars main image 2
Sep 11 2018
In a galaxy far, far away… where students battle through the semester to defeat their evil finals, they must use their knowledge to reign victorious. Sounds like an epic novel, but we really just want to see what Star Wars character Canadian universities are.
Labour day main image 1
Aug 31 2018
Labour Day Weekend. It is the time to get in your final hoorah before you start (or head back to) university. After this weekend, be prepared burry your head in textbooks. So, make this long weekend one to remember.
Uni dogs main image 1
Aug 27 2018
Admit it – we like to compare things to dogs. Each breed has a personality that can match almost anything in life, universities included.