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Author: Jen Li
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At Second Bind, we have improved our service with the use of technology by providing users with a platform to instantly uncover the market value of their textbooks. That is why even if you have an old textbook (hopefully, not too old), our algorithm checks its demand and calculates the price before you can finish brewing your first cup of coffee.

It saves us time researching textbooks. Heck, it even reduces a whole lot of clutter and waste. We are in the business of sustainable services. It is a priority for us to keep our waste minimal.

In Canada, we produce an embarassing volume of waste, mostly from oil refining, chemical manufacturing and metal processing. According to the World Bank "What A Waste" global database in September 2018, Canada produced the highest amount of waste on the globe at 1.33 billion metric tonnes. That is 36.1 tonnes per person. Yikes.

Can technology help eliminate waste? We think so. That's why we are proud to announce our new partner, Print Releaf, to support our reforestation initiative.

Print Releaf is the first software platform to exist for automated global reforestation. Through cloud-based infrastructure, they can measure a business's paper consumption and provide the choice to reforest our consumption through their network of Global Reforestation Projects in 7 different countries.

Cloud-based systems significantly reduce time, technical hassle and money. Businesses need to ensure that their technology solutions can adjust to support the demands of an organization. Pretty soon, Print Releaf will be launching their newest project in British Columbia - and we had to be a part of this!

While we want to ensure that we have a global initiative, it makes us more confident that we can impact change here on homegrown soil. We love British Columbia for its majestic forests. Some BC forests hold irreplaceable cultural value for Indigenous nations. These ancient trees are vulnerable to logging activities. For example, several logging companies in Vancouver Island are clear-cutting about 10,000 hectares of old-growth forests per year, or more than 30 soccer fields a day! Conservation science used in the Great Bear Rainforest shows that destroying more than 70 percent of old-growth means destroying the web of life that depends on ancient trees.

In partnership with Print Releaf's commitment to reforestation, we trust their certifying body to reforest vulnerable regions. SGS International certifies Print Releaf's Global Forestry Partners under these standards:

  • Demonstrate a track record and expertise in forestry best practices
  • A thorough understanding of the PrintReleaf Standard
  • Are transparent with their reporting
  • Are financially stable and healthy

Unique from other partners, we are offsetting our consumption by reporting the number of pages in each book we receive. Instead of planting a tree for every book, we are planting a tree per 8,333 pages. By integrating our APIs with their software, Print Releaf can scale tree planting all around the globe and generate the impact data for the public.

Since forests are a carbon sink to curb global warming, Second Bind have chosen to grow its reforestation initiative with responsible partnerships.

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