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Overdoing it at the bar – it’s possible. Now, a solid Saturday night out at your favourite club with the entourage is a lot of fun, but it can get tiring (literally). Think of all the money you just handed the bar for all the drinks you’re likely to feel the next morning. Add in the fact that the rest of the weekend is basically shot fighting a nasty hangover; it’s not a bad idea to throw in weekends that don’t involve the bar.

Not sure what to do? Luckily for you, we did the work for you! Take a look at some of these fun and entertaining ideas to do this weekend instead of going to the bar.

Check out your local community calendar

You’ll be amazed by some of the events and entertainment that rolls through your community. Between local musicians, community markets that showcase local talent, and festivals, chances are something is going on in your city every weekend. Check out your home town’s website or Facebook page, or a simple Google search of your town and community events should do the trick.

Netflix and chill

Now that we have the giggles out of the way, I’m talking about an actual Netflix and chill night with your friends. You know, when everyone watches the movie and chats before all going to his or her own homes. It is perfectly fine to have movie marathons over a weekend with your best buds.

Try planning a themed movie marathon. Watch all the Star Wars movies (please invite me), classic Disney movies marathon, or the Bourne movies. There are so many options that you could have movie marathons every weekend!

Have a Pinterest weekend

How many times do you save a pin and tell yourself you’ll try it out later, but then don’t? Well, plan a weekend with your friends to try out all those pins you forgot about! From recipes to crafts, test out anything and everything. Make sure to take pictures throughout the process and compare your creation to what it was supposed to be like. It will probably be very entertaining.

Paint Nite

If you haven’t tried one out yet, change your weekend plans to a Paint Nite. People will gather at a local restaurant, lounge, coffee shop, or somewhere else that serves drinks and apps and are led by a local artist to paint a masterpiece. Your portrait might not be frame-worthy in the end, but at least you’ll have a lot of fun!

Game night

Who doesn’t love a good game night? There is a huge variety of board games available today that you could plan the most epic game night in the history of game nights. Gather at someone’s house for an intense night of Cards Against Humanity, What Do You Meme, Settlers of Catan (this one can get vicious…), or even a classic game of Monopoly.

Have a personal weekend

For your own sake, it’s a good idea to have a weekend to yourself. Turn your phone off, disconnect from the internet, and focus on just yourself. It will be good for the soul, mind, and likely your body as well.

Not sure what to do on a personal weekend? Here are a few ideas: read a book, catch up on your favourite T.V. shows, work on a project, learn a new hobby, try out yoga, or catch up on some sleep.

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