No One Said You Have to Go Full-Time, You Can Be a Part-Time Student
Author: Kailey Guillemin
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When it comes to university, there can be many concerning thoughts. Will you have the time and dedication to finish with good grades? How will you be able to pay bills while paying tuition? There is such a thing as going to school part-time to help you balance everything else.

There are many benefits to being a part-time student that allows you to continue your education while still furthering your life. The one downside, however, it is very likely that you will take longer to finish your education than if you were full-time.

With that being said, here are some benefits to being a part-time student that may be good for you.

Time Commitments

When you’re a full-time student, that is your job. Your main focus is expected to be your schooling, and everything else comes second. However, with going part-time, you free up more time in the week which allows you to do other things. Now, this isn’t to say go part-time so you can party throughout the week. It is still a serious decision to consider.

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For part-time students, usually the workload will be lighter (not necessarily easier though). You take fewer classes in a semester compared to a full-time student. With part-time students, not having too many courses allows you to focus on more a few things at a time, rather than overloading yourself with work.

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Being a part-time student is excellent for those who are working full-time. Your schedule is limited to the hours your work, meaning you do not have as many options for class. Part-time students can then work around their work schedule, rather than their job working around the school schedule.

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When you take into consideration the time commitment, workload, and availability factors, they can all contribute to your financial situation in university. Since part-time students quite often are working part-time or full-time hours at a job, they have the income coming in that full-time students may not.

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If you’re thinking of going part-time with your schooling, there are the benefits to it. However, there are other things to take into consideration. Many of the scholarships and financial aid available to students are for full-time only, and taking less of a workload could push back your graduation time.

Weigh the options of going part-time or full-time. Do you have a current job that requires a lot of your time in which a more flexible school schedule would be beneficial? Is school your only focus that being full-time is the better option? Having the different options to fit your lifestyle allows you to continue your education on your terms.

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