No One is Hiring You? Here Are 6 Online Businesses You Can Start With $50 in Canada
Author: Kailey Guillemin
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The struggle can be real some days when you are looking for work. If you find yourself with no job, whether you are in school or out for the summer, it can be hard to make ends meet. Let’s face it, university is expensive, and so is beer.

Instead of watching your bank account dwindle while no one is hiring you, take a look at some ways you can get paid online. There are many jobs online that involve little to no money to start up. Plus with an online job, you can work around your schedule, making them great gigs for university students.

Sound intriguing? Here are six online business you can start right away with $50 or under in Canada.


Did you know that you can sell other company’s items online and make a profit off of it? With Shopify, you can. They help set you up with an online store with access to tons of themes so you can design the site according to you. You don’t have to have products of your own to sell. Shopify will help set you up with products to sell on your e-commerce website.

So far, over $63 billion has been sold with over 600,000 businesses. Build a collection of products to sell with little work needed on your end. Not convinced? You can try out a two-week free trial without adding a credit card. After that, you can have your online business running for as little as $29 (USD) a month. Once you get the ball rolling, the fee won’t even make a dent in your commission.

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Freelance Services

Even if you have a job, freelancing on the side is an excellent way to bring in a bit of spending money. There are tons of sites on the web that will hook you up with people in need of freelancers

Take Upwork for example. You sign up for a free account (there’s the option to go premium for a fee) based on the services you offer. Find jobs that are suitable to your skills and submit proposals. Do the work and get paid. You might even get yourself a long-term gig.

You could even write for Second Bind…just saying.

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Affiliate Marketing

Do you follow people on Instagram that randomly post a picture of themselves with a product you’ve never heard of, with a discount code in the caption? Chances are they are affiliated with that company.

Affiliate marketing is a simple way to earn a few bucks on the side by utilizing your social media. Many companies are looking for people to represent their product. You’ll get discount products for yourself, and your followers can access a discount coupon. When they use your code, you get a small commission

Second Bind has an affiliate program…in case you were wondering.

Become a Virtual Assistant

Not all assistants need to be behind a desk at a company. Nowadays, an assistant can be anywhere, as long as they have access to the internet. A virtual assistant is a simple way to earn some cash by running social media accounts, to taking care of secretarial tasks.

Become a member of the Canadian Association of Virtual Assistance to receive all the help you need to become the best virtual assistant possible. Get help finding a job, answers to your most troubling questions, or chat with those doing exactly what you are doing too.

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Social Media Consultant

Do you love social media? Why not make some money with it? Companies will hire people to be their social media consultant and run everything social media related to their organization. Offer your services to small, local companies that would typically have to do it themselves.

To make your life easier, online services like Grum, allow you to schedule Instagram posts. Schedule as many as you want in advance, so you do not need to be on Instagram all the time. There are also services like Promo Republic that link all social media accounts together and have editors to create custom templates.

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Online Researcher

If you find yourself surfing the internet on a daily basis, why not turn that into a job? People will pay others to do all the researching for them. They’ll want something specific for you to gather information on and submit it to them. You don’t need any experience or background to start, but you may find it will help.

This type of online job can start at no cost at all. However, if you want to get your name out there, you will want to consider spending a few dollars marketing yourself. Start surfing the internet to see who is in need of an online researcher.

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