Keeping a New Year's Resolution is Hard, But Not When You Use These 6 Tips
Author: Kailey Guillemin
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Raise your hand if you made a New Year’s resolution. Now, raise your hand again if you’ve kept your resolution for the two weeks of 2019 so far. My guess is that there aren’t many hands up. New Year’s resolutions are hard to keep, that’s just how it goes sometimes.

I made myself a resolution that I would stay more organized in 2019. Between multiple jobs, planning out significant life events, and well, just having a life in general, organization is critical. So, I went out and got myself a new day planner and a new set of pens (because who doesn’t love fresh, colourful pens), in hopes it would help. Sadly, as I sit here and write this, my desk is a mess, and my new pens are scattered everywhere.

Do I give up on that resolution even though I haven’t been keeping it very well? No!

Don’t let the disappointment of falling behind on your resolution stop you from going after it. I’m here to (try) help with the following six tips.

Set a Realistic Resolution

First of all, as much as we like to think it, we’re not Superman or Wonder Woman. Setting a resolution that only they could achieve will likely only lead you down the path of giving up. Your resolution should be realistic to who you are and where you’re at in life. Set yourself up for success by planning a resolution that is more attainable every day.

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Have a Purpose

If you make a resolution for the sake of everyone else makes New Year’s resolutions, where’s the motivation in that? Your resolution should have meaning to it that will keep you motivated.

For my organization resolution, my purpose behind it is that the more organized I am to stay on top of things, the more time I’ll have for the little things in life that make me happy. Plus, it’ll stop me from pulling out my hair.

Make a Plan

Planning may not be the sexiest thing out there, but it sure helps you achieve your goals. When you set your resolution, take some time to map out how you’ll reach it. Write out mini goals throughout the year that are attainable, as well as how you’ll handle any temptations and setbacks.

Say your resolution is to exercise more. You could start with going for a brisk walk 10 minutes five times a day for January. Once that feels like a routine, in February you could boost it to 15 minutes. The next thing you know, July comes around, and you’re in a full exercise routine for an hour every day.

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Keep Track of Your Progress

To help you stay motivated and see how you’re doing, keep track of your progress. That plan you’re making for your resolution, it will come in handy when it’s time to start tracking everything. Make a note of what you do every day for your resolution. Write down every achievement and how it made you feel. It will be a good boost of confidence to keep you going.

Prefer to use technology to keep tabs of your progress? There are a ton of apps available that do just that. Test out a few of these different apps to see which one works best for you.

It’s Okay If You Fall Behind

Days will come in which you fall behind with your resolution, or forget it altogether, and that’s okay. We’re not perfect. The key is not to beat yourself up. Instead, allow yourself to have a break before getting back on track. Look at your plan and why you have this resolution to remind yourself of the end goal.

Reward Yourself

Rewards are excellent motivators. However, don’t reward yourself with something that contradicts your resolution. If your goal is to lose weight, don’t reward yourself with candy or food. Instead, it could be an item you’ve been waiting to buy, or going to a movie with friends.

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Did you set a new year’s resolution for 2019? We want to know! How do you plan on rewarding yourself for each step you achieve in your resolution?

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