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Are you one of the many university students in a long-distance relationship? If you said no, you’re actually the minority. Roughly three-quarters of college students will likely have a long-distance relationship throughout their schooling. That’s a lot of people spending time away from their loved one.

Although I wasn’t in a long-distance in university, I am in one now. He’s out working a job he thoroughly enjoys and is supporting our little family (me and the dog), all while I get to pursue my passions. It has its challenging moment, but in today’s world with technology, it is easier than ever to have a successful long-distance relationship.

Whatever the reason is that you and your significant other are away from each other, be prepared for some difficult times, especially while in university. However, with a little extra work, and buying more Kleenexes, you can make your long-distance relationship survive and thrive.

Communication is Key

When you’re in a long-distance relationship, communication is crucial more than ever. Whether you see your partner once a week, once a month, or only a couple of times a year, you need to have that constant communication while apart. Luckily, we have so many ways of communicating with each other at our fingertips that it shouldn’t be hard to say “goodnight” before bed.

There are three key points to remember about communication:

  • Pay attention to each other when they’re talking. You don’t have body language to read anymore.
  • Get creative with your conversations. The same day-to-day talks will get old. Take this time to express your feelings, talk about something profound, or tell a new joke.
  • Do not interrogate each other. A long-distance relationship needs to be built on trust. If there is a time where they don’t answer, don’t start acting suspicious and asking what they did every minute of the day.

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Develop a Plan

When you live together or in the same city, it’s easier to just go with the flow in your relationship. However, when you live apart, it can be a little harder to do so. Having a relationship plan isn’t always a bad idea.

The type of plan I’m talking about is for things like who is visiting who, how often, and for how long. Especially in university when funds get tight, it can quickly become frustrating on the partner that does all the travelling. Try to take turns and help each other out when it’s time for a visit. Also, plan your next visit when your current visit ends. It won’t be quite as hard to say goodbye when you know the next time you’ll be seeing each other.

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Appreciate Your Time Together

When the time comes for a visit, don’t waste those precious moments. You know it will come to an end very quickly. Enjoy each minute you have together. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be going out and enjoying time with friends. However, it does mean to have those quiet nights in where you simply enjoy each other’s company, and nothing else. Soon you will come to appreciate those moments more than you ever thought you could.

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You Still Need Your Space

Reading that, you may think that’s silly. Since you’re already apart, isn’t that enough space? Imagine you’re having a night out, and your partner is constantly texting and calling you, basically interrupting your evening. How would you feel?

In a long-distance relationship, you must accept the fact that there will be times of no communication at all, and that’s okay. You both still need to live your lives, even if it means without each other at times.

Again, it comes down to trust. I wouldn’t constantly call and text my partner when he’s having barbeque and beers with his work buddies because I wouldn’t want him checking in every minute I’m out with my girlfriends. Having that trust allows you to each have your space but still feel connected.

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Don’t Let Haters Get in Your Head

There will always be those people that know everything there is to relationships, and that long-distance relationships never work. People close to you may tell you that you’re wasting your time and you should break up, that you’re too young to be separated from your partner. Unless you are unhappy and it indeed isn’t working out, ignore the haters, seriously.

No one will know your relationship better than you and the other person involved. Long-distance relationships can work. A stat from 2011 found that 7% of people over 20-years-old, representing 1.9 million Canadians, were in a long-distance relationship. For those between 20 and 24, 31% are in a long-distance relationship. Listen and trust how you feel.

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Keep Yourself Busy

If you tend to worry and overthink when you have an idle mind, this one is especially for you. When you’re in a long-distance relationship, try and keep yourself as busy as possible. You still will need your downtime to relax and unwind. By staying busy though, it not only keeps your mind busy so you don’t think about the distance, it will also make the time go by quicker before you see each other next.

Throw yourself into school, work, hobbies, or friends. Find an exciting new course to take at university. Plan a weekly night out with your friends. Tackle that new hobby you’ve been thinking about for months.

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