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Author: Jen Li
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Hello world! 🤘

We are a millennial startup with a purpose, promoting a new idea of sustainability with our app service Second Bind. Each member of our team is a contributor in our sustainable mission, whether it be introducing a system design, supporting new customers or offering unsolicited workout routines (hey, we're not machines, but some of us like to think we are).

It was only a matter of time when the homegrown cosignment program from Ershad's basement would turn into a 6,000 sq ft warehouse to house thousands of used textbooks from students across Canada. By 2010, Second Bind was formed. From nursing books to engineering books and veterinarian books to art history books, we get to see the direction students are taking with their education. In May 2019, we launched Bookstore.ca to provide textbook rentals for Canadians.

At the end of the day, we didn't believe students should spend full price on a brand new textbook when there are still textbooks not in use. We remember what it was like being students. We treated our textbooks like notebooks, etched with illegible formulas and emails from our classmates. We carried enough USB drives to drive oneself neurotic. We were convinced that our fourth cup of coffee will give us superhuman powers if we didn't die from dehydration.

With our weird and lackluster talents, we are growing Second Bind to be the top textbook buyback service in Canada. These days we can order food delivery, rideshares and dog-sitters off of our app. Why not use an app to buy, sell, and rent textbooks?

Textbooks are a handy resource. We don't want to see them go to waste. In fact, we donate textbooks to schools in Africa as an opportunity for kids to get an education. It's a challenging time when the world generates more waste than we can afford to have. With a growing demand for technological solutions to mitigate our waste, we promote a circular economy as a solution to keep products in use for longer. When we eliminate the creation of waste, we stop contributing to more pollution and emissions.

As we face a climate crisis with deforestation and a throng of industry polluters, we acknowledge that millions of trees are lost every year from book publishing.

Trees support life and we aim to offset our environmental impact by reforesting trees so that we can create a better future. In development is an automatic transmission to plant a tree for every tree lost in creation of a textbook. We are excited to announce this very soon!

Working in a small team, we have learned how to not get caught up in the discomfort of growth. We are constantly learning how to use our skills and technlology to deepen our impact for the environment. In doing so, we can be conscious achievers by valuing the resources all around us.

Thanks for being with us on this journey!


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Jen Li

Marketing Manager,  Second Bind

I believe students are our future. And the best way to predict your future is to create it.

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