Going to Veld Festival in August? Here Are Top 9 Things You DEFINITELY Need!
Author: Kailey Guillemin
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Summer is one of the best times of the year. The sun is out, you get to be a beach bum, and you can leave all your school worries behind. All your friends are back home, and the parties never stop.

The icing on the cake we call summer – all the music festivals to hit up.

Did you get your tickets to Veld Festival in August? If not, get them here while you still can. If you did, don’t be that person who thinks they don’t need to prepare. You’ll end up sunburnt with sore feet wishing you stayed home in bed.

We made a list of the top 9 essentials you need for this year’s Veld Festival. Don’t be a rookie festival goer, get yourself prepared!

Lots of Sunscreen

You’re going to be outside basically the entire time you are at Veld, and it’s the middle of summer. Don’t turn into a lobster on the first day. You’ll be in too much pain to want to do anything else. Bring sunscreen, lots and lots of sunscreen.

Try the Hawaiian Tropic Island Sport Sunscreen ($11.99). You get all the coverage you need to protect your skin while leaving behind a pleasant scent. The sport formula will help for the sweaty party you’ll be in the middle of.

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Water Bottle

Let’s face it; water won’t be the drink of choice the entire time you are at Veld. However, a smart festival goer knows they need to switch the beer out for water now and then. Save yourself from a nasty hangover (and potentially heat stroke) and get yourself a water bottle (buying water there can be expensive).

The MAIGG Sports Water Bottle ($17.88) is a non-toxic bottle that comes in three different sizes. It’s leak-proof and is easy to use. It comes with a wrist strap which is perfect for the festival. Get it in green, blue, pink, black, purple, and grey.

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Misting Fan

Trying to party under the sun all day and into the night can be exhausting. Don’t let yourself overheat, and don’t waste your precious drinking water dumping it on your face. A misting fan will cool you off with a gentle breeze and a spritz of cooling water.

The O2COOL Deluxe Misting Fan ($26.83) is one of your best options regarding value. It comes in dark and light blue, green, purple, red, raspberry, and grey. With almost a 5 star rating from previous customers, this is the one you want.

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You’ll be on your feet a lot. Don’t let blisters get in the way of you having fun. Stock up on a few first-aid supplies like bandages in your festival bag. But you don’t want just any bandage. You’ll want waterproof ones. Remember, you’re in the sun with thousands of sweaty, drunk people.

The Band-Aid Hydrocolloid All Purpose Waterproof Bandages ($4.67) are the ones you need. They’re very sticky and contain a formula to help heal and prevent scabs, which means you are good to go into day two of the festival.

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Fanny Pack

You bet these things are coming back, thanks to festivals like Veld. Why? Well, you can keep lots of the essentials we are talking about right on you. You can carry your phone, money, ID, tickets, and anything else you can fit in there.

The VORCOOL Waterproof Waist Pack ($14.20), although meant for swimming and kayaking, is great for the festival as well. It’s waterproof so it will keep all the essential things dry, in case you get a cold beverage dumped on you. The strap is adjustable so you can wear it like a purse as well. You can even get this with free shipping!

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Not a fan of the fanny pack? Then get a regular backpack. You’ll want something small but roomy as you’ll be carrying it for hours on end.

The Dickies Dickies Mini Festival Bag ($19.97) is made for festival goers. It’s small enough that it won’t weigh you down but big enough to fit more than you would think. It comes in bleached linen, blue, clear (although everyone could see what you’re holding), navy, pink, but it’s the tie-dye one that will make you stand out for your friends.

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Portable Lounger

Now and then you’ll want to take a break. Why not make yourself something comfortable to relax and rejuvenate? A portable lounger fills with air to create a personal-size couch to rest on. They roll up small enough to fit inside your backpack.

The Ultra Lightweight Air-Lounger ($25.99) is easy to use. Within a few seconds of swaying it back and forth, you’ll have the ultimate portable lounger that everyone will be jealous about. It’s made out of the same material as a parachute so it will stand up to the messy ground at Veld. Get yours in purple, blue, red, pink, yellow, black, and green.

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Toilet Paper

Not much to say except when you gotta go, you’ll want some TP. Toss a couple of rolls in your backpack; you’ll be thankful you did later in the night.

Camper or RV toilet paper, like this Camco 2-Ply Toilet Tissue ($9.99) breaks down and is better for the sanitation system for not regular toilets.

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Kandi Accessories

It’s all about the PLUR life at Veld, so make sure you prepare yourself with the essentials. Nothing will make you look like a rookie festival goer than not having the proper attire. Get your kandi ready from bracelets to necklaces to face masks.

Make your own bracelets with the Beadery Extravaganza Bead Box Kit. You can pick from five different box styles, all with roughly 2300 beads to make your accessories from.

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