Can't Decide Which University to Attend for Engineering? Here's Canada's Top 6 Schools for 2018
Author: Kailey Guillemin
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Oh, engineering programs – the degree that comes with a love-hate relationship. For all those out there who love math, working on complex tasks, designing the latest tech building, and rolling around in a lot of colourful paper (aka money), pursuing an engineering degree is a logical choice.

Engineering students can shape and change our world in so many ways (don’t let that get to your head). From environmental engineering helping figure out ways to save our planet to petroleum engineering bringing new jobs to the Canadian economy, they contribute in many ways to our daily lives.

Don’t leave the task of obtaining your engineering degree to any school. Here are six universities in Canada that have earned the top spot for their engineering program.

University of Toronto

Is it a surprise that the largest city in the country would have the best engineering program? The University of Toronto continues to hold the top spot for not just its engineering program, but as a university in general. Don’t believe they deserve the top spot? Maybe ask one of the 8,000 students in their engineering programs and see what they have to say.

The U of T might be a more expensive university to attend, but with engineering being one of their signature programs, it will be worth the price. Students have a wide range of fields to choose from, including chemical, civil, electrical, mechanical, and mineral engineering. They even have some of the unique specializations like aerospace and biomedical engineering.

Plus, the University of Toronto Engineering Society hosts and attend entertaining events, as well as representing the community in the yearly Pride Parade in Toronto.

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University of Waterloo

Next on the list is the world-renowned University of Waterloo and their engineering department. In fact, Waterloo is noted as one of the top 50 engineering schools worldwide. If that isn’t enough to be near the top of the list, I don’t know what is.

One thing you’ll see at Waterloo is the amount of money they put into their research, something that is essential to engineers. To add to the greatness of this place, Waterloo has the largest co-op program across the globe. You’re likely to gain years of experience before you even graduate. Attending their engineering is worth every penny.

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University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia takes spot three for their engineering program. UBC is also within the top 40 of best universities across the world. It also has a solid reputation for leading research and academic programs at all levels. Attending here, you know you are getting a well-rounded education.

Their Faculty of Applied Sciences has 21 different program specialties that allow you to take your passion for engineering in multiple directions. Take advantage of their research developments to continue pushing your education even further.

UBC is also known for the number of international students. 31 percent of the students come from 162 countries across the globe.

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McGill University

Calling all McGill University fans, your school comes in at number four for their engineering department. McGill continues to be a significant player amongst top Canadian universities. Their engineering program is no different.

Being one of their signature programs, their engineering department offers students nine undergraduate programs, along with eight areas for graduate degrees and diplomas. Attending here, you’ll get hands-on experience, as well as the opportunity to dive into summer programs and co-op placements.

McGill University focuses strongly on innovation, and you’ll be a part of all of it.

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University of Alberta

Taking the fifth spot on the list is the University of Alberta in Edmonton. The university is the leader of the province in research and education. It is also known worldwide as being a top university with its state-of-the-art facilities, world-renowned research, and highly-funded programs.

The U of A is known for having an excellent engineering program, but more particularly they are noted for their chemical engineering, biochemical engineering, and nanoscience programs. You’ll also have a chance to enroll in Canada’s second-largest engineering co-op program if you attend the U of A, a program that helps you gain invaluable experience.

So, join the over 4,400 undergraduate and 1,500 graduate engineering students at the U of A.

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University of Montréal

Last but not least, the University of Montréal. The UdeM has crawled up the list of top universities in Canada, including their engineering department. It’s a very popular school to attend, for both undergraduates (35,000) and graduates (12,000). Out of all the universities listed, if you are looking for a top education at a more reasonable price, the UdeM is the least expensive on this list.

That isn’t to say you won’t get as good of an education. The UdeM is becoming more known for their world-class education and internship opportunities, all highly sought-after by engineering students.

Plus, attending here, you’ll be living in Montréal and be able to enjoy all the uniqueness the city has to offer.

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