Awesome! Here Is The Plan...
Author: Nenad Dojcinovski
Eye 240

Jacob: Hey

Maria: Heyy

Jacob: Remember me? I’m the guy that flipped at your bookstore…

Maria: 😂

Maria: Yeah, I remember you.

Jacob: Not the best thing to be remembered by…

Jacob: BUT…I just want to apologize and make it up to you for the mess I’ve caused.

Maria: Make it up to me?? Let me guess… Netflix and chill??

Jacob: NOPE!

Jacob: I have a better idea!

Jacob: I know this might sound crazy but…

Jacob: Would you build a jetpack with me? I want to fly to Prince Edwards Island.

Maria: Why do you wanna go there? This sounds like the beginning of a very weird and a bad news story.

Jacob: WOW! Rude much....ok let me finish.

Maria: ????

Jacob: I thought you were an aspiring engineer or something…

Maria: Well I am!

Jacob: Prove it!

Maria: OK… I’ll help you build it. But I’m not flying that thing!

Jacob: Awesome! Here’s the plan…

Jacob: We build a jetpack.

Maria: Ok

Jacob: And I fly into the PEI area.

Maria: That’s it?

Jacob: How do you mean “that’s it”?

Jacob: Have you ever been to PEI area??

Maria: No.

Jacob: Well then, follow me on this.

Jacob: I’m not into conspiracy theories

Jacob: And I’m definitely not crazy!

Jacob: BUT…

Maria: Here we go…

Jacob: Area 51: NO MOOSE ALLOWED!

Jacob: Canada, PEI Area: NO MOOSE ALLOWED!

Jacob: I rest my case…

Maria: What case???

Jacob: I’m a moose, and are you a moose?

Maria: What???

Jacob: Are you a moose??

Maria: YES…and again WHAT???

Jacob: Isn’t it clear that they’re hiding something from us?

Maria: Who are they?

Jacob: I don’t know, but I’m about to find out!

Maria: Listen…

Maria: I get your Area 51 theory.

Maria: But PEI??

Maria: That’s just a Google fun fact about moose??

Jacob: That’s what they want you to think!

Jacob: There’s something going on and we’re not involved!

Jacob: There's like 1,000,000 moose in Canada.

Jacob: Why is PEI not an option for us???

Jacob: And this is not America.

Jacob: We don’t get frequently visited by aliens!

Jacob: The only time we end up in the news is when Justin Bieber does something stupid!

Jacob: Can’t you see? This is our chance to make history!!


Maria: First of all, how did you get from Area 51 to Justin Bieber is beyond me.

Maria: Second of all, I want to build a jetpack…and I want to see you fly it.

Maria: And I want to record that.

Maria: And last

Jacob: But not least.

Maria: But not least.

Maria: I’m only going to do this if you treat this as an adventure…not a conspiracy theory!

Maria: Maybe you’re right.

Maria: Who knows?

Maria: But I’ll need you to loosen up a little bit.

Jacob: Not a problem!

Jacob: And I don’t know if you noticed, but there’s a special chemistry between us.

Maria: How did you figure that out?

Jacob: Well…we finish each other sentences 😊

Maria: What?

Jacob: Did you missed the “but not least” part??

Maria: Oh…

Maria: That’s definitely the highlight of this conversation.

Maria: So what’s your plan?

Jacob: Check this out.

Jacob: We build the jetpack…and I fly into the PEI area!

Maria: That’s it?

Maria: Do you know how to build a jetpack?

Jacob: No, that’s where you come in.

Maria: Do you have ANY machine flying experience?

Jacob: When I was a kid, I jumped from a window with an open umbrella.

Maria: 😂

Maria: Did it work?

Jacob: NOPE…but it was quite a learning experience!

Maria: I’m starting to like this idea.

Jacob: I know right!!

Jacob: So, can you build a jetpack?

Maria: I kind of already have a prototype.


Jacob: How long will it take you to finish it?

Maria: A week or so.

Jacob: Everything is going according to my plan.

Jacob: Let’s set make it official right away!

Jacob: We’ll meet at TD Place Stadium on June 10th at 1:00 PM.

Jacob: Do we have a deal?

Maria: I can’t believe I’m doing this…

Maria: But sure, we have a deal.


Jacob: We’re going to be so famous after this!

Maria: I don’t know about “we”

Maria: But I have a feeling that you’ll make a name for yourself on the internet.

Jacob: That’s the spirit!

About author:
Nenad Dojcinovski

Nenad is a social media manager with a bit of disturbing but yet, a creative mind. Back in the old days (three years ago…), when people were still into (OMG!) viral content, he used to work as a writer. But social media perfectly fits his personality, and he has no plans of going back. He occasionally plays a game of football (soccer), and he  is  more into coffee and chit-chat than a whole night of partying.

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