10 Types of People You’ll Meet at University
Author: Kailey Guillemin
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University is the time to find yourself. You are officially on the path of adulthood now that you have more responsibilities in life. It can also be a confusing time as you figure out what group you fit best into. Even if your high school friends are all going to the same university, you’ll still come across new people that will be similar to you.

As you get to know everyone around you, you’ll start to understand the different stereotypes universities have. Here are ten common types of people you’ll likely meet at university.

The Smart Kids

It doesn’t matter what program they are studying; you will come across those you spend every waking moment with their head in the books. They likely ace every test and assignment handed to them, and will likely be on the Dean’s List every semester. Typically, these types of people are nice and willing to help you out. It’s not a bad idea to befriend one of these people.


The Know-It-All’s

Now, these types of people are different from the smart students, even if they are extremely smart. These are the ones that have to answer every single question, will one-up you with everything, and has stories that are too good to be true. You’ll know how smart they are because they probably have told you multiple times.


The Wild Ones

These people are the life of the party. You might not see them at your early morning classes often (likely nursing a hangover from an epic night out), but they still manage to squeak by with relatively good grades. Monday, Wednesday, Saturday, it doesn’t matter what day of the week. The wild ones are always up for a good time whether it’s going to the bar or having everyone at their place.


The Popular Students

The popular group will likely be different than what you know in high school. These people are extremely likeable to the point that basically everyone on campus knows who they are. Not very often will you see them walking down the halls without anyone saying “hey.” They’re cool, relaxed, smart, and know how to have a good time.


The Worriers

The worriers tend to be stressed about everything. Their grades, what they’ll do after school, wondering if they look okay or what the professor thinks of them. Nothing ever seems to be good enough, even though their apartment is spotless and their average grade is 90 percent. However, these tend to be the ones that will let loose like crazy those random times throughout the year.


My Parent’s Do Everything

You will always come across someone whose parents basically do everything for them. That doesn’t necessarily mean they still live at home. Likely, though, their tuition is paid for, and they never have to worry about money because their parents are a phone call away. Life is pretty good.


The Sports Enthusiast

Maybe they are at school on a sports scholarship or are really passionate about their favourite team. Either way, the sports enthusiast LOVE sports. They can never miss a game on television and will be on as many sports teams as they can be on. Don’t kid yourself. This isn’t just a group for men. There are plenty of female university students that fall into this category.


The Workers

These ones always mean well but never seem to have enough time in the day. Between keeping their grades up and going to work to pay for school, the workers group are always busy. Their job takes up half their life, and school takes the other half. You often hear people comment, “I don’t know how you do it all.” However, when you catch them on their day off, they sure know how to let loose.


The Bare Minimum Students

You will come across this group right away. The bare minimum students are just that – they put in the bare minimum to stay in school. Their grades aren’t important, as long as they pass. Chances are they skip class regularly and will ask for notes. Don’t be surprised if they drop out after the first year.


The Passionate Ones

Quite often, the passionate group of people are the first to grab a microphone in the courtyard to protest the latest controversial story. They have multiple initiatives they are behind and want you to know all of them. World peace and equality are likely two of the many things they passionately will fight for.


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Kailey Guillemin

Kailey graduated with a degree in Journalism and Religious Studies from the University of Regina, Saskatchewan. Now she lives a double life in Manitoba – writer by day and dance teacher by night. When she’s not at her computer, you’ll find her curled up with a glass of red wine and knitting, or obsessively taking photos of her puppy.🐶🐾

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